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Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is your proposal story?

A few weeks ago, on our Facebook page, we asked for fans to post their proposal stories. We asked that fans tell us their stories so that we can post them on our blog for our readers to vote on their favorite story. Well here they are. We got such great stories but we had to narrow them down. The winning couple will receive an exclusive QC champagne and sweets gift basket they can use to celebrate an anniversary or share on their honeymoon.


It was out first night alone in our brand new house. I was so excited, we had finally moved in and all our friends and family had left.On my way home he phoned to say he would cook tonight - he didn't cook, at all! He had the table set, candles lit & a bottle of wine breathing on the mantle and he proudly produced a charred pizza and chips. (well its the thought that counts right?). After dinner we watched some TV. He started to get really annoying and fidgety.Then all of a sudden he pushes me off the blow up couch(no furniture yet) and straight into a grandfather clock which I hit with a major bang! I start crying, huge big snot rendering whales of pain and he runs out of the room! I am still in a heap on the floor when he comes back in. Are you ok? No I am not ok... oh right em - 'Will you marry me?' - I nearly died - he is on one knee, glass of champagne in hand with a diamond ring in the bottom. Me speechless!
His reason for pushing me into the grandfather clock? The evening was getting too romantic and he didn't want me to guess he was proposing!! - Priceless!!

He told me we're going to dinner and maybe staying out late. He picks me up. We arrive at the airport with a flight to Paris, France - open ended first class tickets. We arrive at the hotel where he purchased me three beautiful dresses and shoes from Neiman Marcus and said I could keep one. In the bathroom there's brand new make-up from Elizabeth Arden, brand new bra, undies, pantyhose. We dress and go to dinner, order champagne and take a walk to the Eiffel Tower. He proposes. We stay a week in Paris to celebrate the engagement. (If the engagement was declined, I was told...we'd be on the next flight home.)


I went out to happy hour with some of my coworkers for St. Patrick's day. He was excited to have me out of the house for the evening (because he had a big surprise). He later picked me up from the metro. I thought they we were going to Cap City Brewery for Green Beer and Pretzels. When I walked into the house, the lights are out and there are candles lit all over the main level of the house. A huge bouquet of orange flowers was on the table. It was beautiful! We walked over to the table, and as I was looking down at what I thought were a pair of gold hoops on the table, I felt him grab my hand. He was down on one knee, slipped his grandmother's gorgeous ring onto my finger and asked "what are you doing for the rest of your life?!" Until that very moment, I had no idea... those gold hoops on the table were wedding bands, and he had asked me to marry him! :-) All along I just thought he was being romantic for St. Patrick's day!

Now please take a moment and leave a comment on the story that you like the most.

Big Bang, Swept Away or Luck be a lady
Good luck to all our lucky couples.

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