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Friday, February 26, 2010

Make it last longer!

For those of you that don't know me, one of my pet peeves is dirty jewelry. With all the beautiful craftsmanship that was put into your piece of jewelry or the time that was taken to find the perfect piece, it should ALWAYS look its best! I have friends who know that when they come to my house, they are going to get a free cleaning in my ultrasonic cleaner :) So I thought that I would share a few tips to keep your beautiful gems looking their BEST!

1. Know your jewelry - on a regular basis you should be checking for loose or damaged stones, worn down prongs or cracks/wear to the metal. Its always better to catch a potential problem before it turns into a hefty jewelry repair. A lot of local jewelers are happy to check your pieces, for them its a potential repair sale or if they are really good then a potential upgrade/add on sale!

2. Remove your jewelry - I can not say this enough. In my 10 plus years in the industry I can't tell you how many rings I have had to cut off or heirlooms I've had to refurbish because people for some reason or another NEVER took their pieces off. There are soooo many products that over time leave a film that builds up and can do a lot of damage. Even though we use soap to wash our hands or shower it does leave a film (haven't you seen the commercials?).

3. Store your jewelry - How many of you store your designer shoes or couture bags in special boxes or cloth bags? Well your jewelry should be treated even better!!! (sorry did that sound bias) There are some fabulous jewelry boxes or armoire that allow you to store all your pieces separately and protect them from scratching metals or stones. If you are traveling, carry your jewelry in a soft 100% cotton satchel with different compartments so you can protect them as much as possible.

4. Love your jewelry - Use jewelry polishing clothes (I love my Miracles polishing cloth, it is infused with coconut oil for a natural clean). If you have enough pieces you may want to invest in a home based ultra sonic, some work with just warm water and others work with jewelry cleaning solutions. You may be asking yourself "what about toothpaste?" NO! NO! NO! It can be too abrasive on some stones and even some metals and it too can leave a film that really defeats the purpose. And last but not least just like you take your car in for its 3000 mile check up so must you take your jewelry in to a professional. Find a local jeweler who can inspect your jewelry and offer any recommended repairs or care.

Four simple tips to help you keep your jewelry beautiful and lasting longer. All jewelry is not made alike so different stones or metals may require special care or treatment. If you have any questions about specific pieces I would be happy to answer your questions. You can email me at naleli.askew@quinsultants.com or you can even leave me a message on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Washington-DC/Quintessential-Consulting/99302051292?ref=ts

~ The Jewelry Diva

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