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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who could say no to Neil Lane?

If you live on this planet and have a t.v. then you were tuned in to ABC's The Bachelor this past Monday. Were you sitting on the edge of your seat? Like most you probably were sharing a few words with the t.v. after Jake Pavelka tearfully escorted Tenley to the "limo for losers". I love a good reality show but have not been a Bachelor fan but as the season went on I have to say that the commercials drew me in and for the last 4 or 5 episodes I was intrigued. I was all about team Tenley at the end and was disappointed in the outcome but to each his own and only Jake knows what makes Jake happy.

So enough about that back to the more important topic at hand the engagement ring!!!!!! While in his private suite contemplating a life changing decision, Jake Pavelka received a visit from non other then Neil Lane himself. What a life! Jake was given two rings until he made his final decision.

The final choice was a custom design 2.02 caret princess cut diamond with a diamond hallow set in platinum. Like I said before, "Who could say no to Neil Lane?"

Neil Lane has a gorgeous collection and if that's the direction you are going then let us help you find the perfect ring for your reality moment!

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