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Saturday, May 8, 2010

May's Flavor of the Month ~ EMERALD

If you are born in the month of May then you're blessed to have Emerald as your birthstone. The word Emerald comes from the Greek word "smaragdos" which means green gem. Emeralds are said to be a symbol of immortality and faith and to improve memory. They are one of the most precious of the gemstones, the ideal color being a rich even deep green, which is very rare. The majority of stones that we may see everyday have natural inclusion (which look like black or white specks or scratches in the stone). Even thought they grade higher on the hardness scale they are still prone to chipping or cracking due to the internal inclusions. So they must be handled with care while wearing and cleaning. Emeralds most commonly are mined in Columbia but have also been found in the US, Russia, Brazil and parts of Africa.

In my inspiration board I have The Hooker Emerald Brooch which is part of the National Gem Collection of the Smithsonian Institute. This 75.57ct emerald dates back to the 16th century, later acquired by Tiffany and then in 1955 Mrs. Janet Annenberg Hooker purchased it until finally donating it to the Institute in 1977.

Then there is Elizabeth Taylor's famous diamond and emerald Bulgari necklace that was given to her by her husband Richard Burton.

At last years Academy Awards, our modern version of "royalty" Angelina Jolie rocked the red carpet in a breathtaking pair of 115ct emerald teardrop earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.

Many years ago a friend brought me a 2ct natural emerald from India and I have yet to decide how to set it so for now it will be stay part of my loose stone collection.

An emerald is a perfect addition to any one's jewelry collection, and if you are celebrating your 55th wedding anniversary then QC can find you a perfect emerald gift. For any assistance please feel free to contact us naleli.askew@quinsultants.com.

I hope you enjoy!

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