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Thursday, July 1, 2010

July's FLAVOR of the MONTH

This months birth stone is one of the four precious stones, Ruby.  The name comes from the Latin word ruber which means red.  Natural, untreated rubies come in pinkish red to blood red, the richer the color and lack of thread like inclusions the more valuable.  You will find that most natural (untreated) rubies will have inclusions and this distinguishes them from synthetic or simulated (lab created) stones.  Now a days a lot of the rubies out there are heat treated to improve color and mend inclusions, so always ask your jeweler!

In 2006 Lawrence Graff paid $3.6 million at Christie's for an 8.2carat cushion cut Burmese ruby

The star of Bharany ruby weights27.62 carets and is one of the worlds finest star rubies and is part of the famous House of XV gem collection after being acquired from the House of Bharany.

Ruby birthstones are the symbol of passion, they are said to radiate warmth and a strong sense of vitality.

For centuries the best rubies came from Burma but now have been discovered in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and even Afghanistan.

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