"A good diamond however small, is a possession to be prized for generations." - Harry Winston

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who really brought sexy back?

Sexy is really relative, everyone's vision, version or definition of it is going to be different.  In 2006 Justin Timberlake all but moon walked and claimed a stake in "bringing sexy back" but ladies did he really?  Who's sexy to you?  What makes them sexy?
For me its a level of confidence, respecting the world you live in and a killer suit!!!!  Which takes me back to my question of who really brought sexy back.....and my answer would have to be JAMES BOND! 

Ladies is there anything better then a man in a finely tailored suit, a pair of amazing cuff links and a confident swagger?  Ladies with the holidays coming up we need to make sure our men are "stacking their claim" (with our help of course) in being their ultimate sexy selves. 

For the next couple of weeks I am going to focus on making and maintaining our sexy men :)

Lets start with something as simple as CUFF LINKS, simple yet such an important statement that can really fine tune and define his look.  It's all about the details ladies, the details!

 Harry Winston has some amazing cuff links, 18 white gold and diamonds as shown here in the Harry Winston Men by Thom Browne collection.  These styles require a true lifetime commitment of ultimate sexiness!

 Designer Scott Kay some an great extensive collection of cuff links, in sterling silver and 18 yellow gold, in a variety of stones from black sapphires, cherry wood and onyx.

There are endless possibilities, its a great way for men to express their personality, a moment in time or even their mood.  For assistance finding some other great cuff link styles feel free to contact (naleli.askew@quinsultants.com)

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