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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Popping the question

If I were to list the greatest, most memorial moments in my life (so far), they would be graduating from college, getting engaged and having my kids. (in no particular order)   Most married women will have getting engaged on their list, which can be  lot of pressure.  So I'm going to help out with some of the DO's and DONT's that can emiminate stress and embarrassment.

1. DO have a ring when you propose.  Even if its a stand in or candy ring, you need to have something to put on her finger to complete the vision.  (For engagement ring assistance contact US)

2. DO have a back up plan.  If you wanted to propose on the deck of the ferry crossing the Mississippi and you got stuck in traffic and missed the ferry then have a plan B, take her to a cliff top restaurant that over looks the Mississippi instead.

3. DO arrange to have someone who can document your proposal moment.  A passer by or professional photographer.  Believe me, you get so caught up in the moment that its always nice to be able to whip out a photo journal to show friends.

4. DON'T "cookie cutter" propose! Everyone's relationship is individual and unique so make your proposal that way.

5. DON'T feel like you have to propose on a holiday or already designated day on the calender.  Christmas is nice but just be prepared to have an audience or to share it with the WHOLE family immediately. Choosing a different day gives you another day to celebrate or remember in the future.

6. DON'T share your plans with those that are not on a NEED TO KNOW basis, like her father or your jewelry consultant. Because once you share with her mom who then has to tell her little sister who can't help but share with the sorority sisters.  And then every time they see you together she'll be able to read it all over their faces.

Let's hear your proposal stories or proposal ideas

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