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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Security Baubles

Is there anything pretty or sexy about security?  
Well a San Francisco start up, Cuff, has found a  way to make being secure just that.  They have created a collection of bracelet cuffs, necklaces and key chains that act as a personal alert system.  A small Cuff module is embedded into the accessory of your choice and connected to your smartphone.  It will allow you to send alerts or notify those you have designated when you need help.
You download the free application and then set up your "circle of security" to receive alerts, when needed you simply touch your jewelry with a single, double or triple touch and your location will be shared.  This fashionable technology will also alert you when you get an important call, if you've left your phone somewhere and it keeps track of how active you are on a daily basis.
All of the pieces in this collection are fun and fashionable.  And at the end of the day when you take your jewelry off you can recharge your Cuff module in their charging jewelry box, how clever!  

*photo from Cuff facebook page

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