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Friday, July 24, 2009


WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I am very excited to have you here and even more excited to share with you what I DO and what I LOVE!

Like many of my engagements, this one was near and dear to my heart. It started many months ago when I officially introduced my business and website. I received an email from a very close friend that said "maybe we should talk I may need your help!" After a few lunches and phone calls a very close friend turned into a client.
I remember our second meeting after I had done some research, we were at lunch and I whipped out the lab top and start showing him some of my findings. I could see the beads of sweat start building on his forehead and the room start spinning :) Needless to say it was a bit overwhelming, after a quick glass of water (I'm sure if he didn't have to go back to work he would have made it a double shot of something) he said that he was up for the challenge and we were off and running.

We traveled to several different stores and looked at many different styles of rings, 1cts and 2cts, Tiffany settings and antiques settings. Rings with diamond hallos and three stone rings, yellow gold and platinum, two mm bands to four mm bands, VS stones and SI stones. And I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it. We spent several weeks developing his likes and her dislikes. At one point we even had the "girlfriends friends opinion" which I am not always a big fan of because in my MANY years in this business it is hard for that friend to be completely objective, but I take it all in.

After searching high and low he decided that this ring would have to be something custom, where we could take all the parts that he liked to make THE ONE. THE RING that he felt would take her breath away and knew that he would be proud to present to her as he asks her to marry him. We sat down with one of my Jewelers with sketched in hand and the magic began. We chose a magnificent 1 1/2 brilliant cut stone and put into motion Project MK's custom ring.

I love to learn new things in the business and this project showed me something new. Before we could see a wax mold of our custom ring we had to approve a 3 dimensional computer generated schematic of the ring. From there we could approve, add to or even make changes to the ring. What a fantastic idea cause I have battled with a few stubborn jewelers in my day who hated when I made a change to a wax mold.

We were very excited to take the next step, a tangible mold that he could admire. By that time
I think that he truly had a vision of what he wanted and it was fun to see him take what I had taught him and express his creativity (of course as a diamond professional I had to give my ney or yeah :). It was all too real for him at this point.

With anticipation and excitement rising, the final call came, "Naleli your clients ring is ready and it looks fantastic!" I jumped on the phone and called him at work, told him that THE RING was ready and got a "good, good to hear that." I was so confused when I got off the phone, was something wrong was he getting cold feet, could he be changing his mind?
No of course not he was surrounded by co-workers and couldn't give a woot woot as he skipped down the hall! :)

So hear is the final product, the creme' de la creme', the ring fit for his QUEEN.........

I wish Mike and Mary Kay many happy blessing and a lifetime of memories to share!

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