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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What makes love true (dot) com

*Photo from Tiffany & Co

The name Tiffany & Co goes hand and hand with all that embodies LOVE so no wonder they would launch a new website What Makes Love True, a site that gives those in love with love a place to call home.  The website highlights great proposal stories, a short and sweet play list of some of the most timeless romantic melodies and you can leave your mark of your favorite romantic spot on an interactive NYC map.  Or maybe you haven't been to NYC with that special someone then there's a list made just for two. 

Tiffany & Co has a beautiful collection called Tiffany Yours, simply classic.  A perfect gift of love that says all you need to say!

For more of the Tiffany Yours collection click here. 
Thank you Tiffany & Co for keeping the LOVE alive!

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