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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4 places your engagement ring will out BLING

One of my biggest pet peeves is a dirty ring!  QC Concierge and our clients don't spend days on weeks and even months on end working to find the most beautiful diamonds and settings for you to walk around with a dirty diamond!!! (refer to Make it Last Longer)
But I do understand that there may be a little hand lotion recido or natural body oil from you admiring your ring through out the day.  Have you noticed that there are some places that maximize the BLING?  I am always looking for the sparkle potential from my ring and others through out my day.  It's almost like when you take a picture and you tilt your head just the right way to get the best angle of your chin or turn your hip just so slightly to look your slimiest.

1. Bathroom
In our own bathroom or public restrooms, they seem to have a great combination of overhead lighting and vanity style lighting that make for prime bling.

2. Furniture Store
I know a bit off the beaten path but they are in the business of showcasing different environments so you are sure to see some fabulous sparkle potential.  Next time you're there trace your hand along a cherry wood dining set and see what I'm talking about!

3. Conference room
Again another location that has BRIGHT lighting to keep everyone attentive during meetings.  But make sure you're taking proper notes and not getting lost in the twinkle of your ring during your next corporate meeting.

4. Car
This is one of my favorite places to admire my rings bling potential.  I admit that you will find me playing with the reflections of my ring on the ceiling of the car.  The kids think its mommies sparkle magic, lol.

I would love to hear if you have any other great bling out spots.

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Diamond Engagement Ring said...

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