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Monday, November 28, 2011

Lost and never found

From past post, you know that I am a stickly for CLEAN jewelry.  I can spot a dirty diamond from a mile away.  Over the holidays I noticed that a friend never took her ring off, elbow deep in turkey stuffing and pie making but wore her ring proudly.  I'm happy to say that she is a practicing ring cleaner :) so I asked why she never takes it off her response was two fold. 1) Has to do with the strength to her marriage and her husband of 15 years and 2) the fear of losing it if she was in the habit of taking it off.
This is sistah is a true inspiration to wifedom and the commitment it takes to continueously develop a good marriage (after 9 years I'm still working on that).  But if was the fear of losing it that got me to thinking about the most popular places to lose your ring.

The beach
As much as I like to see my ring glistening in the sun this is just not a good place to wear your jewelry. It can easily slip off in the ocean or if you pull it off to apply lotions and it just takes a moment of distraction by one of the kids and your ring falls into the sand abyss.

The gym
When I work out my hands tend to swell a bit so its not comfortable for me to wear my ring, knowing this I just don't wear it.  I know some feel that slipping it in a gym locker is a safe alternative, but again it just takes a moment of distraction or racing to get back to work and its left in a locker or falls without your knowledge.

Usually when you're traveling you are doing a lot of ripping and running and being in unfamiliar surrounding its very easy to forget your valuables.  My advice, travel with a decoy!

Public restrooms
After being in the jewelry industry for so many years, I have helped to replace many a ring because it had been taken off and put down at the sink to wash hands or lotion up.  It slips down the drain, you walk away distracted or even falling victim to a grab and run.

While driving
In this day and age everyone has become multi-taskers and the most popular place to multi-task (safely of course) is in your car.  I spend at least 4 hours a day in my car so believe me I am eating, spending family time, working, dressing, and more in my car.  So I can understand when I hear stories of clients who have been rushing to work and lay their jewelry in their laps but forgot when they get out of the car or its slips into that tiny little crevice.

If you find yourself victim to a lost ring Quintessential Consulting is happy to help you replace your piece.

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